After Hours Emergency Service



Emergency Veterinary Services

MVER is a small after-hours-only veterinary emergency room that originally opened in 2008, serving the Lakes Region, White Mountains, Mount Washington Valley, Great North Woods, and beyond.

MVER provides high-quality emergency, urgent, and convenience care. If your pet requires specialty services (ex. specialty ultrasound, endoscopy, neurology, internal medicine, advanced surgery, etc) or prolonged hospitalization or critical care, we will work to stabilize your pet and provide information to facilitate transfer to an advanced care facility elsewhere in NH, MA or ME.  

During our regular business hours, animals are seen on a medical priority basis, allowing those with more life-threatening injuries or illnesses to be treated first. We encourage phone calls to make our staff aware of a patients' expected arrival. Visiting hours for in-patients are at the discretion of the attending veterinarian.


What to Expect During Your Curbside Visit to MVER

Your patience is a key factor in ensuring a smooth curbside visit.


  • Please REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE when you arrive at MVER.
  • Call us at 603-279-1117 to alert us of your arrival and tell us which parking space you are in; leave a voicemail if no one answers.
  • Unless your pet is in a critical situation and requires immediate attention, you will receive a call from a team member to obtain more information regarding the reason for your pet's visit and their medical history shortly after your Registration Form is received.
  • You will be asked to bring your pet (leashed or in a secure carrier) to the front door to be brought inside. If you require assistance to get your pet inside, a staff member will come to your vehicle to retrieve your pet. Once your pet is inside, you will return to your vehicle.
  • Potentially life-threatening emergencies (Level 1 & 2) will be brought into the building immediately.
  • Urgent care patients (Level 3) will be brought inside the building for initial evaluation within 30-45 minutes of the arrival phone call. These cases MAY experience significant wait times.
  • Convenient care patients (Level 4) will be brought into the building shortly before the Doctor is ready to evaluate them. These cases WILL experience significant wait times.
  • Unless otherwise determined, please remain in our parking lot until you receive a call from our doctor to discuss the physical examination findings and recommendations for diagnostics and/or treatments based on your pet's triage level.
  • You will be provided with an estimated cost for all recommended services which will require your authorization prior to any of these services being performed. If your pet is staying with us to be hospitalized, we will invite one client into the lobby to sign the Treatment Authorization Form and process a deposit for care.
  • If the condition of your pet worsens while you are waiting, OR you elect not to wait for care please call us.
    • Inability to contact you immediately WILL cause delays and likely result in unnecessarily long wait times. 
  • We do not have public restrooms. Should you need a restroom we suggest one of the following locations:
    • McDonald's at 209 Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith, is open late.
    • Cumberland Farms at 334 Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith, is open late.
    • Waukewan Lake boat launch has a port-a-potty available 24/7 during the spring/summer months.
  • Wifi: MVER Guest; Password 6032791117

MVER has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for abusive behavior toward our team. They are compassionate, caring professionals who are dedicated to continuing to provide the best care possible to their patients despite the stressful caseload. We are incredibly proud of the patience, tenacity, and compassion they continue to show every day. We thank you for your patience as we do our best to care for your pets during these unprecedented times.